Farm Fresh Online was started by Francis and Tandi Gavin, and here's why.

My wife Tandi and I have always made our living from working in the film and theatre industries.  Recently we gave birth to our first, and currently only son, and suddenly everything changed.

Farm Fresh Online was born out of my own desire to be healthier. I started running.  My wife and I became a lot more conscientious about what and how we ate. We stopped eating anything white, started using only olive oil, eating more leafy greens and lightly steaming our veggies.

My wife watches  a lot of BBCL and FOOD and we have come to think of food differently. We started going to a green grocer on a Saturday to buy all of our favorite fruit and veggies plus anything else interesting that they may have had that week. We would spend the whole week amazed at how the quality was just so much better. We swore all week to return the next Saturday, only to go back 4 or 8 weeks later. We said, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone would just drop this off for us!”

Farm Fresh Online fills the gap. We make doing the right thing easy. Our boxes contain a variety of 15- 20 different fruits and vegetables every week. They include a week's supply of all the good ol' favourites.  To make each week its own we throw in the interesting, seasonal fruit and vegetables that SA farmers are growing. We drop off this Farmer’s Box with you, at your home or work, weekly. Could it be easier?

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